Class 8

Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 8

Bre Kennedy performs “Fuel for the Fire” LIVE – Nashville Unsigned WAS HERE

BRE KENNEDY STEALS THE VAULT Imagine, if you will for a moment, a dimly lit room. A lonely stage awaits a performance. Vintage clothing lines the walls and era based items are scattered about the room in a vibe rich part time venue. Clusters of individuals walk up the driveway fr...Read More

Bre Kennedy’s Trouble on my Mind Music Video

Bre Kennedy’s Trouble on my Mind hits the site with a splash of Nashville soul.  With a voice of pure velvet, this is an artist that has carved out her own territory in Music City.  Check out the video above, and you’ll see what I mean. This Nashville singer and songwriter found ...Read More

Bre Kennedy Interview: Nashville Unsigned Red Couch

Bre Kennedy drove here in a Nissan Maxima.  Across the country, that is… to stay in an AirBnb for a couple of months and write music.  How’s that for following your dreams?  Fortunately, it was the best and boldest move she ever made.  Now, she’s hanging out with us on the red co...Read More

Adara “Death of a Star” Music Video Premiere

Adara drops the music video for Death of a Star (awesome song title, by the way) and, guys, this is a journey.  Once again, her team pulls together incredible visual elements to craft a story.  The quality, creative vision and execution these guys bring is through the roof, and w...Read More

Adara’s World- Adara Is Bringing You Music From Outer Space

Adara’s World Come get spacey in Adara’s world. Adara is bringing you fresh galactic tunes that will take your ears to another galaxy. Her love for theatre and outer space bleeds into her brand. Opening for the likes of Seven Lions and Ra, there is no stopping this sp...Read More

Adara Interview: Nashville Unsigned Red Couch

Finally, the red couch with a much-needed Adara Interview and we couldn’t be more excited to share!  With a fantastic outlook on life, Adara is the type of artist who understands the balance between business and doing what you love.  She stands out in her genre because she knows ...Read More

Adara’s Upcoming Shows

Get ready for an intergalactic space party when you see Adara’s Upcoming Shows.  This Nashville pop powerhouse brings an immersive experience, complete with light shows, sci-fi props, and loads of energy.  It’s the kind of show that feels more like a party, a cosmic rave.  ...Read More

Adara’s Oasis Music Video

We blast off this week with Adara’s Oasis music video!  This epic video has an immersive storyline with out-of-this-world production value.  In short, this EDM vibe combines inspiration from epic fantasy stories, outer space and rave culture.  Presented by Archipelago Ent.,...Read More

True Villains Interview | NASHVILLE UNSIGNED

The Shenanigans Comes to Visit The Red Couch The True Villains Interview Sheds Light on Their Secret Skills With the True Villains interview hitting the site today, we advise you grab the popcorn and get ready to put your asses back on because you’re about to laugh them off...Read More

Nashville’s True Villains Are Stealing The Spotlight In Music City

Introducing Nashville’s True Villains Nashville’s True Villains has opened a time capsule full of “no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll”. Taking you back to a time when rock ruled the land, True Villains are hitting a sweet spot. True Villains are inviting you to play a part in ...Read More

TRUE VILLAINS Live- TV upcoming shows

Dying to see a True Villains Show? True Villains Live In HOT demand right now, True Villains live is taking over Nashville in January. With their current impressive show resume’, the newly formed TV is shaking up the scene with their electric live performances. The type of ...Read More

True Villains- Cut Me Loose (Official Video)

This week we jump into Nashville’s Rock scene  True Villains- Cut Me Loose Official Music Video It’s a new week kids and you know we are hitting you with the hottest independent music in the game. This week we are introducing TRUE VILLAINS- Cut Me Loose music video to...Read More