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Nashville Unsigned Class 6 Alumni

The Western Sons send minds racing with “Penelope” music video

THE WESTERN SONS LAUNCH HIGHLY ANTICIPATED “Penelope” MUSIC VIDEO The Western Sons, Class 6 Alumni, launches their thought provoking music video for “Penelope”. If you were hiding under a rock when we launched the review on the song a few months back, then...Read More

Nashville’s STEEL UNION band drops country DEBUT EP 

STEEL UNION RELEASES DEBUT EP Nashville’s popular STEEL UNION releases their debut EP today. Since 2015, the trio has been turning the ears of hungry country music fans nationwide. Due to a chance meeting between Broadway starlet Rachel Potter and buddies Donny Fallgatter a...Read More


SAMUEL LEE: Music Video Launch Featured artist Samuel Lee launches his new music video TODAY for “Doctor Devil Priest”. Not only is this one of our favorite songs, but one of our partners actually filmed and edited the video, Patryk Larney. The song talks about the co...Read More

NASHVILLE UNSIGNED – Samuel Lee Interview

SAMUEL LEE Samuel Lee rolls up to the infamous red couch for an exclusive interview with Nashville Unsigned. Exposing his bromance with Jay Z, his Barre addiction, his sobriety and his epic move to Nashville. So come get to know Samuel Lee on a level you never knew. Also, stay tu...Read More

Samuel Lee: A Journey Through Rock ‘n’ Soul

Pop rock artist Samuel Lee is an innovator within his genre.  Dubbed rock ‘n’ soul, Lee has a style that blends the gritty feelings of bluesy rock music with lower tempo, soulful elements added in.  Though he leads with his impressive vocal abilities, he complements these vocals ...Read More

SAMUEL LEE- Happy Now (Music Video)- Nashville Unsigned Feature

SAMUEL LEE It’s a new week, and we are tossing Mr. SAMUEL LEE at you guys all week long as our featured artist. Giving us a glimpse to his softer side, we give you his music video for “Happy Now” showcasing his songwriting, his vulnerability in his voice and his...Read More

DeRobert and the Half Truths – UPCOMING SHOWS

DeRobert and the Half Truths Now that we have blown up DeRobert and the Half Truths all week, we couldn’t be more stoked to give to you their upcoming schedule. Catch the band live, doing what they do best, and you can thank us for it later. Schedule below: AUG25 Live at th...Read More

DeRobert and the Half Truths – Beg Me (Live Music Video)

DeRobert and the Half Truths As the week presses on, we are stoked roll out DeRobert and the Half Truths live music video for “Beg Me”. This band of musicians showcases Nashville’s very unique jazz/ soul genre that is making a rise in the city. Playing all over ...Read More

NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Interview – DeRobert and the Half Truths

DeRobert and the Half Truths Bringing the soul/jazz to the infamous Red Couch, Dee from DeRobert and the Half Truths sits down to interview with us at Nashville Unsigned. Our couch sessions will never fail in entertainment. I’m sure most of you didn’t know Dee can str...Read More


JAMES ROSS There is something special about sharing NASHVILLE UNSIGNED’s infamous red couch with an artist like James Ross. He is one badass artist who embodied a sleeping singing gift that he never recognized until someone encouraged him to use it. Today, James “tack...Read More

James Ross Cover – Stitches – Shawn Mendes

JAMES ROSS James Ross is back at it but this time he’s packing a music video cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches”. Blowing our minds, yet again, James delivers his tone and style in a unique way. Come hang with us all week and continue to learn more about Jam...Read More

James Ross Calls the World Home

James Ross is a 22-year-old solo act with a laid-back, acoustic pop style that shares the most positive of vibes.  Often compared to artists like Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz, Ross throws down funky rhythms layered behind a soulful voice.  His sound includes elements of Americana, p...Read More

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