Class 7

Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 7

Jack Berry – King of Diamonds – OKY Sessions

Jack Berry King of Diamonds – Live- OKY Sessions Class 7 Alumni, Jack Berry, feed our need for more raspy, blues rock by rolling out 3 Live session videos for the OKY Sessions. This one is Jack Berry King of Diamonds, because he’s our Beyonce’ of the rocker worl...Read More

NEW Jack Berry Live “Human Woman” – OKY Sessions

Jack Berry “Human Woman” OKY Sessions Live Come See Class 7 Alumni Jack Berry Live The first time we had scene Jack Berry Live was Blues Rock night for The Unsigned Series at The Basement East. We knew the line-up that night was killer, but this one left us in serious...Read More

WILDWOOD Pays Homage To Her Lineage In New Elegant Cover of “Ring Of Fire”

WILDWOOD Pays Homage To Her Lineage In New Elegant Cover of “Ring Of Fire” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially in this case! Anne Buckle, also known as WILDWOOD, released her own rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. With June Carter Cash and Anita Carter be...Read More

Jack Berry Strips Down- “Other Shoe” LIVE

Jack Berry Strips It All Down Gotcha Ladies! Well now since you’re here, come check out Jack Berry stripped down to him and his guitar. Shedding light on his unique voice, Berry lets his growl, natural cracks in his voice, and rapid vibrato take us on the journey. Simplifyi...Read More


Jack Berry Graces The Red Couch As our week heats up with Jack Berry, we continue to hit you with more EXCLUSIVE content. Today we are honored to launch our Red Couch interview with the man of the week. We cover topics such as his inspirations, his move to Nashville, and his netw...Read More

Jack Berry Puts the Rock in Roll

Jack Berry Puts the Rock in Roll If Jack White and Elvis Presley could create a musical genre baby, their child would be Jack Berry. Jack likes whiskey and women, “in that order”. He has no trouble completely dominating as a blues rocker with some insane soul that sounds like he ...Read More

Jack Berry: Bad Dog- Official Music Video

JACK BERRY Nashville’s New-Age, Blues Rock Elvis This weeks’ featured artist really needs no introduction but for formalities sake, Mr. Jack Berry ladies and gents. This week we shift gears from our streak of Pop artists to Nashville’s equally rising Rock scene....Read More


Kid Politics has just dropped their third single “Lost In The Jungle”. Nashville Unsigned is thrilled to be the first to jam it in your earhole. A CYCLE OF TASTE As we are hit with fresh artists and sounds err’day, it may feel like the style of popular music com...Read More


EZLA INTERVIEW Get To Know The Artist Behind The Music Each week we launch our web series – The Red Couch Interviews, an in-person interview with our featured artist. Today, we are stoked to have EZLA grace the Red Couch with her electric energy. What we love so much about ...Read More

Ezla Has A Message For All Of The “Outcasts”

In new single “Outcasts”, Ezla sheds light on how being different is better than suffering from “cool kid syndrome”

EZLA – Outcasts single release – Nashville Unsigned Feature

Say Hello To EZLA Are you an OUTCAST? It’s a new week, which means we’ve got a new featured artist, EZLA. The selection process is always a tough one. We constantly refer back to our number one curation filter, “are they unique to their genre”. Which is wh...Read More


TEXADA Texada Live cover of “I Will Survive” Today we are dropping the TEXADA live video of “I Will Survive”. At Nashville Unsigned we pride ourselves on the relentless process of curating the BEST and MOST UNIQUE talent we can find. When selecting TEXADA,...Read More