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ALAINA CROSS RELEASES “HAUNTED” When one thinks about October 31, one immediately thinks about Halloween: pumpkins, witches and ghouls, little kids trick-or-treating in costumes, and spooky music. When one thinks about Alaina Cross, one immediately thinks of her kille...Read More

STEALING OCEANS unveils “BLUEPRINT” Official Music Video

STEALING OCEANS has just dropped one of NASHVILLE UNSIGNED’s favorite independent videos of the year. We were invited to the music video filming of the artist’s latest single, “Blueprint”, and we’re here to bring you the 411. THE MESSAGE Brian Thomps...Read More

Stealing Oceans Release “Blueprint”- Nashville Unsigned Alumni

Stealing Oceans “Blueprint” Launches Today   From the ranks of Nashville Unsigned’s Class 5, Stealing Oceans is back! They return bearing gifts of big beats and truthful lyrics that blast love and positivity with the release of “Blueprint”. The ...Read More

I Don’t Know Why – Imagine Dragons (OnenO Remix ft. Alaina Cross)

Nashville Unsigned Exclusive Launch- OnenO Remix Ft. Alaina Cross- I Don’t Know Why- Imagine Dragons OnenO featuring Alaina Cross – I Don’t Know Why – Imagine Dragons Two powerhouse talents, and might we add Nashville Unsigned Alumni, OnenO and Alaina Cros...Read More

FUTURE THIEVES On Tour- Nashville Unsigned Featured Band

FUTURE THIEVES Now since we have hyped them all week, it’s time to see Future Thieves on tour. Below is their schedule for the summer so find their next location and get a taste of the Future Thieves live. JUNE 2, 1017 Gaststädte Stock Hagen, Germany TICKETS JUNE 3, 2017 Gr...Read More

Future Thieves – “Sucker” (Official Music Video)

FUTURE THIEVES As the week rolls on, we continue to introduce you all to FUTURE THIEVES if you have not yet had the pleasure of knowing this indie rock band out of Nashville, well then today is your lucky day. Future Thieves hit our site today with the brand new music video for t...Read More


FUTURE THIEVES It is here ladies and gents! Our interview launches with FUTURE THIEVES, one of Nashville’s most buzzed about indie rock bands. We cover all things music, festivals, where they all moved from, and how Future Thieves got their start. These guys drop some amazi...Read More

Future Thieves: The “Horizon Line” Album and “Nightmares”

Future Thieves has a style that blends cool indie rock elements with a southern rock vibe.  They’re style blends a soulful vocalist with dreamy, melodic guitars that kind of remind you of a dreamy summer afternoon.  This range is something that could easily grab fans who traditio...Read More

Future Thieves – “Horizon Line” (Official Music Video)

FUTURE THIEVES It’s a new week and you already know we are launching a new featured band, FUTURE THIEVES. They start their feature week off strong with their music video for “Horizon Line”. If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting this Indie Rock band out...Read More

Dela Kay- Push Me Pull Me (Music Video)

DELA KAY We continue to release content on our featured artist, DELA KAY, all week. Today we drop an intimate performance on all of you with DELA KAY’S music video live recording of “Push Me Pull Me”. Which gives us a a taste of her musicianship and this strippe...Read More

NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Interview – DELA KAY- Nashville Unsigned Feature

DELA KAY It’s that time again boys and girls! Today we launch our Interview with the crazy talented, crazy beautiful, DELA KAY. Come chill with us on the Red Couch while we talk new music with Dela Kay, her major learning lessons in the industry up until now, and how she go...Read More

Dela Kay- Empty (Official Music Video)- NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Feature

DELA KAY A new week calls for a new featured artist. We at NASHVILLE UNSIGNED are excited to give you guys, DELA KAY and her music video for “Empty”. Dela Kay comfortably positions herself in the industry with her indie soul vibe with a very unique edm twist. Remindin...Read More

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