Our Mission & What We Do

What does it mean to be unsigned?

Is it just some state you and your band linger in as you push toward some major label deal?  We don’t think so, and we don’t want you to either.

We are Nashville Unsigned, home to Nashville music videos, interviews, and shows.  If you’re an artist, musician or entrepreneur, we have just a couple of questions for you.

In the 21st century, it’s not so bad to go on your own path.  That’s because the friendly world-wide web has got you covered.  With innovations in the digital market place, it’s easier than ever to actually get a foothold in selling your own music.  Between Youtube, Facebook and Spotify alone you can build a winning marketing strategy.  And here in Nashville, we have a mind-blowing amount of diverse talent who are doing just that.  So, why not join along?

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Here, you belong to a community of innovators.

Not only in music, but technology and business.  We thrive on creativity, and feed off each other as artists. Our city is built out of legendary venues, world-class sound engineering, and the collaboration of thousands of artists, entrepreneurs and creatives.

The Unsigned Credo

The Nashville Unsigned movement was set forth to help raise awareness of the great unsigned talent in today’s Nashville music scene. We believe that some of the world’s highest quality of music is created right here within the unsigned community of Nashville, TN. We pride ourselves in “exposing tomorrow’s stars today” by flexing our modern digital know-how to help spread the word about the independent artists we choose to feature regardless of genre.

And we do it with style.

We feature a fresh new independent artist each week right here at NashvilleUnsigned.com. Our followers enjoy daily posts, weekly interviews, monthly showcase concerts and events, the tightest curation of indie music in the scene AND MORE. Once an artist has passed through the ranks and become a member of a Nashville Unsigned “CLASS” the benefits have just begun. We shower our alumni with label service opportunities, festival bookings, sync leads, PR assistance and much more including access to the professional network that we have acquired from years in the business. Did we mention we even jump on to help present and promote our alumnist’s shows?
It’s kinda like a family.

We would love to hear from you, so find us on Facebook and join the Unsigned Community!