Class 1’s HER Homecoming Interview

HER Homecoming Interview As we roll out our features of Class 9, we re-introduce you to Class 1’s HER and what’s going on today. It’s time for the HER homecoming interview. If you are one of the seed fans (a NU fan from the beginning) then you remember Class 1&#...Read More

Bre Kennedy Interview: Nashville Unsigned Red Couch

Bre Kennedy drove here in a Nissan Maxima.  Across the country, that is… to stay in an AirBnb for a couple of months and write music.  How’s that for following your dreams?  Fortunately, it was the best and boldest move she ever made.  Now, she’s hanging out with us on the red co...Read More

Adara Interview: Nashville Unsigned Red Couch

Finally, the red couch with a much-needed Adara Interview and we couldn’t be more excited to share!  With a fantastic outlook on life, Adara is the type of artist who understands the balance between business and doing what you love.  She stands out in her genre because she knows ...Read More

True Villains Interview | NASHVILLE UNSIGNED

The Shenanigans Comes to Visit The Red Couch The True Villains Interview Sheds Light on Their Secret Skills With the True Villains interview hitting the site today, we advise you grab the popcorn and get ready to put your asses back on because you’re about to laugh them off...Read More

The LAW. Interview | Nashville Unsigned Featured Artist

Red Couch Interview Hangs with LAW. LAW. Interview is Coming in HOT The LAW. Interview is finally up and it’s worth the wait. Knowing Charlotte for quite some time, has given us ample amounts of things to talk about, including some really juicy topics. Launching her first a...Read More

Paul McDonald Interview with NASHVILLE UNSIGNED

Chillin’ on the Red Couch, Hangin’ with Paul McDonald The Paul McDonald Interview It’s Monday, and it’s time to introduce you all to our featured artist this week, Paul McDonald. We are also switching up the game a bit and coming out with the gate with our...Read More


RYAN SCOTT TRAVIS warms the Red Couch 3 Men, 1 Body, 1 Artist This weeks class 8 featured artist graces the Red Couch. Come get to know the artist behind the music in a unique Ryan Scott Travis interview that is unlike most interviews you’ve caught recently. Often times you...Read More

Red Couch Interview with JOSH DORR

RED COUCH HANGIN’ WITH JOSH DORR It’s that time again! Our Red Couch Interview is up with our featured artist of the week, JOSH DORR. Our interviews always give you an inside look into the artist personality outside of their music. Josh Dorr gives Nashville Unsigned t...Read More

NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Interview – Kyle Reynolds

KYLE REYNOLDS HITS THE RED COUCH Getting to Know the Artist Behind the Music After lots of anticipation, we finally drop the interview with the Millennial Anthem Pop Prince, Kyle Reynolds. He doesn’t wait one moment to jump right in and start pimping out his fun, but all to...Read More


Jack Berry Graces The Red Couch As our week heats up with Jack Berry, we continue to hit you with more EXCLUSIVE content. Today we are honored to launch our Red Couch interview with the man of the week. We cover topics such as his inspirations, his move to Nashville, and his netw...Read More


EZLA INTERVIEW Get To Know The Artist Behind The Music Each week we launch our web series – The Red Couch Interviews, an in-person interview with our featured artist. Today, we are stoked to have EZLA grace the Red Couch with her electric energy. What we love so much about ...Read More


Nashville Unsigned Interview with Texada The Infamous Red Couch Chillin’ on the Red Couch with the triple threat pop artist, TEXADA. This Canadian rocker covers her experience in the industry, some words of wisdom and why the police were called to her house. Let’s jus...Read More

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