Nashville Unsigned Alumni

HER – Rock With Me (Official Music Video)

The Infamous HER does it again! The HER Rock with Me music video delivers, yet again, another wildly creative video highlighting the bands technical skills. And obviously highlighting Monique’s contagious dance moves. This entire week we are introducing you (if you don̵...Read More

Class 1’s HER Homecoming Interview

HER Homecoming Interview As we roll out our features of Class 9, we re-introduce you to Class 1’s HER and what’s going on today. It’s time for the HER homecoming interview. If you are one of the seed fans (a NU fan from the beginning) then you remember Class 1&#...Read More

Jack Berry – King of Diamonds – OKY Sessions

Jack Berry King of Diamonds – Live- OKY Sessions Class 7 Alumni, Jack Berry, feed our need for more raspy, blues rock by rolling out 3 Live session videos for the OKY Sessions. This one is Jack Berry King of Diamonds, because he’s our Beyonce’ of the rocker worl...Read More


Nashville rapper Sik Wit drops his official music video for latest single "Technicolor". Nashville Unsigned is on the scene to cover the release.

Phangs Drops “Eyes Off You” Music Video (Review)

The Writing and My Interpretation If you are like me, and listened to Phangs’ “Eyes Off You” before watching the music video, this was not what I expected. Listening to “Eyes Off You” from a lyrical perspective, it is clear Phangs is talking about hi...Read More

NEW Jack Berry Live “Human Woman” – OKY Sessions

Jack Berry “Human Woman” OKY Sessions Live Come See Class 7 Alumni Jack Berry Live The first time we had scene Jack Berry Live was Blues Rock night for The Unsigned Series at The Basement East. We knew the line-up that night was killer, but this one left us in serious...Read More

Class 2 Alumni IRON VESSEL – Fresh Off The Stage Interview

Class 2 Alumni, Iron Vessel, releases their new album “One Eyed World”. Iron Vessel Interview inclusive of all the sweat and adrenaline you would have “Fresh off the Stage”. Last Friday, Nashville Unsigned had the pleasure of presenting Class 2 alumni, Iro...Read More

Bre Kennedy performs “Fuel for the Fire” LIVE – Nashville Unsigned WAS HERE

BRE KENNEDY STEALS THE VAULT Imagine, if you will for a moment, a dimly lit room. A lonely stage awaits a performance. Vintage clothing lines the walls and era based items are scattered about the room in a vibe rich part time venue. Clusters of individuals walk up the driveway fr...Read More

Get Woke with OnenO PURE: A Transcendental Musical Experience

OnenO, who was born Kevin Hastings and is one-half of Class 3 alum Sand Waves, dropped his latest single “Pure” last week, and we feel existentially and spiritually more woke having listened to it. OnenO Pure OneonO Pure WHAT’S IN A NAME? First things first.  If you’re anything l...Read More

Bre Kennedy’s Trouble on my Mind Music Video

Bre Kennedy’s Trouble on my Mind hits the site with a splash of Nashville soul.  With a voice of pure velvet, this is an artist that has carved out her own territory in Music City.  Check out the video above, and you’ll see what I mean. This Nashville singer and songwriter found ...Read More

Bre Kennedy Interview: Nashville Unsigned Red Couch

Bre Kennedy drove here in a Nissan Maxima.  Across the country, that is… to stay in an AirBnb for a couple of months and write music.  How’s that for following your dreams?  Fortunately, it was the best and boldest move she ever made.  Now, she’s hanging out with us on the red co...Read More

Adara “Death of a Star” Music Video Premiere

Adara drops the music video for Death of a Star (awesome song title, by the way) and, guys, this is a journey.  Once again, her team pulls together incredible visual elements to craft a story.  The quality, creative vision and execution these guys bring is through the roof, and w...Read More