True Villains

True Villains-Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 8

True Villains Interview | NASHVILLE UNSIGNED

The Shenanigans Comes to Visit The Red Couch The True Villains Interview Sheds Light on Their Secret Skills With the True Villains interview hitting the site today, we advise you grab the popcorn and get ready to put your asses back on because you’re about to laugh them off...Read More

Nashville’s True Villains Are Stealing The Spotlight In Music City

Introducing Nashville’s True Villains Nashville’s True Villains has opened a time capsule full of “no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll”. Taking you back to a time when rock ruled the land, True Villains are hitting a sweet spot. True Villains are inviting you to play a part in ...Read More

TRUE VILLAINS Live- TV upcoming shows

Dying to see a True Villains Show? True Villains Live In HOT demand right now, True Villains live is taking over Nashville in January. With their current impressive show resume’, the newly formed TV is shaking up the scene with their electric live performances. The type of ...Read More

True Villains- Cut Me Loose (Official Video)

This week we jump into Nashville’s Rock scene  True Villains- Cut Me Loose Official Music Video It’s a new week kids and you know we are hitting you with the hottest independent music in the game. This week we are introducing TRUE VILLAINS- Cut Me Loose music video to...Read More

True Villains Are Rocking Things Up In Music City

Meet True Villains The buzz around town is that there’s a band stirring things up and causing a ruckus. True Villains are breathing life into the currently expanding rock scene in Nashville at a time when it needs it most. True Villains was formed by drummer Matt Carter and guita...Read More