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True Villains Are Rocking Things Up In Music City

True Villains Are Rocking Things Up In Music City

Meet True Villains

The buzz around town is that there’s a band stirring things up and causing a ruckus. True Villains are breathing life into the currently expanding rock scene in Nashville at a time when it needs it most. True Villains was formed by drummer Matt Carter and guitarist Tim Venerosa, along with bassist Barry Conaway. Newly added vocalist, Beau Lastavich, has helped create the perfect balance for the band, giving it a signature sound. Beau has brought with him a unique tone and vocal range that will stop you dead in your tracks.

Prepare Your Eardrums For Complete Violation

 Have you ever been to a show not really knowing what to expect and afterward left completely speechless? Jaw dropped to the floor and feeling like you were violated but in the best way possible? This is the first impression I got from my first True Villains show. There’s a ‘good’ performance and there’s a ‘killer’ performance. True Villains is the latter, not holding anything back, giving 110% to their audience. Keeping the energy high AF during their shows, you can’t help but rock out with them. Exceeding expectations and insanely fun to watch, True Villains are not depriving anyone of a good time and damn good rock & roll.

Cut Me Loose

True Villains proves their willingness to get down and dirty in their New EP “Cut Me Loose”. Dropped on Halloween this year, it’s a 6-track HEADBANGER. Loud, sinful, and apocalyptic, the album goes harder than Janet Jackson at the super bowl. It’s a ‘fuck you’ infused with a ‘let’s party’ like it’s 1982. Loud like Rage Against the Machine, infused with a grittiness reminiscent of the 90s rock renaissance, it’s the perfect rock revival record. While “Give Into Me” is sensually addictive, “Waging War” is a full-blown battle cry, taking you to hell and back. No matter what, there’s a jam for every occasion.

At this point, it’s safe to say that True Villains are fearlessly taking on Nashville and on the brink of becoming THE rock band of Music City. Take notes, my friends, and remember the name.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Do your ears a favor and take a listen!

Check out “Cut Me Loose” here:

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