Phangs – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 4

Phangs Drops “Eyes Off You” Music Video (Review)

The Writing and My Interpretation If you are like me, and listened to Phangs’ “Eyes Off You” before watching the music video, this was not what I expected. Listening to “Eyes Off You” from a lyrical perspective, it is clear Phangs is talking about hi...Read More

PHANGS at The High Watt

Catch PHANGS live! So we have hyped you guys up all week long on this very unique and creative artist that goes by the name of PHANGS, and now we give you the knowledge to, in turn, have the chance to see him live. A handful of artists are migrating south for SXSW in march but be...Read More

Phangs- One and Lonely(Audio Video)

PHANGS Today we continue on with our feature week on the indie, pop, synth artist out of Nashville, shaking up the current pop scene, Phangs, in his audio video for “One and Lonely”.  Jake Germany  the artist behind Phangs, is not new to the music industry. Very tenur...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview- Phangs

PHANGS We at Nashville Unsigned are so freaking stoked to introduce you guys to Phangs, on a level you’ve never met him. Come join us on the couch at our new studio in MAIN Nashville as we sit and chat with Phangs about why and when he came to Nashville, He gives us somethi...Read More


Phangs and Nashville’s indie pop music First of all, Nashville’s indie pop music is like a hidden gem in this city.  Sure, we’re known as Music City, but it’s far too often “Country Music City”.  Though we love our country friends, the truth is that this city is incredibly ...Read More

Phangs-Cul De Sac

PHANGS Super stoked to bring you guys something so new it still has the “brand new” scent. Today we introduce you all to a electro pop artist coming up out of Nashville, Phangs. This artist is so unique we can’t even describe his sound. So check out his audio vi...Read More