Renn – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 5

Nashville Unsigned Exclusive- Renn- Truth Is

Nashville Unsigned Exclusive(NUX)-Renn- Truth Is Super stoked to launch a Nashville Unsigned Exclusive (NUX) of our featured, independent, artist for the week, Renn, in “Truth Is”. Take 3 mins to join us for a live, private, intimate performance at The Xylem. You̵...Read More

Renn- Heartache and a Song- Animated

Renn So today we drop a lovely gem on you ladies and gents. Our featured artist for Nashville Unsigned of the week, RENN’s animated music video for “Heartache and a Song”. Renn takes a very unique approach to a typical music video. Renn and his team decided to d...Read More

Renn Interview- Nashville Unsigned

Renn The time has come Ladies and Gents. Today we launch our interview with our featured artist of the week, the man that has survived an insane amount of animal attacks, Renn. Come virtually get comfy on our infamous red couch and watch us chat about music and life. I can promis...Read More

Renn- Other Side Of Rain OFFICIAL Music Video

Renn We know We know, the interview was suppose to launch today but to ensure its at its absolute best we had to move it to tomorrow. But that means we get to move one of our favorite(they are all our favorites… true story) songs to today. So We are launching, Nashville sin...Read More

Renn and Nashville Unsigned: “Jezebel” and “King of California”

Renn is a Folk/Americana singer and songwriter, who’s songs “Jezebel” and “King of California” blend flavors of Americana. Soulful and raw, both creatively and in his voice, Renn incorporates an edge to the Americana genre.  He can wail on a guitar as well, spending most of...Read More

Renn – King of California

RENN We, at Nashville Unsigned, are stoked and oh so honored to introduce you all to an independent artist on a rapid rise, RENN. From his mad skills on the guitar, to his ability to make you feel what he felt when writing his songs, RENN delivers an impeccable performance on his...Read More