Alaina Cross

Alaina Cross – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 5


ALAINA CROSS RELEASES “HAUNTED” When one thinks about October 31, one immediately thinks about Halloween: pumpkins, witches and ghouls, little kids trick-or-treating in costumes, and spooky music. When one thinks about Alaina Cross, one immediately thinks of her kille...Read More

I Don’t Know Why – Imagine Dragons (OnenO Remix ft. Alaina Cross)

Nashville Unsigned Exclusive Launch- OnenO Remix Ft. Alaina Cross- I Don’t Know Why- Imagine Dragons OnenO featuring Alaina Cross – I Don’t Know Why – Imagine Dragons Two powerhouse talents, and might we add Nashville Unsigned Alumni, OnenO and Alaina Cros...Read More


ALAINA CROSS If you guys missed the Nashville music video release show, then you missed something epic! Alaina performed some of her new music, so we had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of whats to come. With every song revolving around the darker sides of a relationship. The...Read More

The Nashville Pop Scene Goes Dark w/ Alaina Cross “Six ft”

Alaina’s Journey & “Six ft”: As a Nashville native, I’m always blown away at our emerging pop scene.  And when I say pop, I don’t actually mean main stream. The Nashville pop scene seems to have remixed the pop genre in many ways.  Including many other popul...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview- ALAINA CROSS

ALAINA CROSS The time has come! It’s interview launching day(that’s a real thing btw). We at Nash Unsigned were super stoked to sit and chat with Alaina about all things music, life, and her McGuyver skills. Come take a seat on our big comfy read couch! Join us for th...Read More

Alaina Cross – Six Ft (Audio)

Alaina Cross New week always brings about a new featured artist. This week we introduce you all to one of Nashville’s most promising pop artists, Alaina Cross. Breaking out on the scene with her darker, deeper pop tones and this huge voice, Alaina captivates us with her new...Read More

4/13 Alaina Cross w/ Michael Mcquaid and Alexander:

Alaina Cross “Six Ft” Release: Nashville Music Video Show Nashville Unsigned is stoked to present- Alaina Cross w/ Alexander and Michael McQuaid. Bringing Nashville’s pop powerhouses out to play for Alaina’s release of her new Nashville music video for ...Read More