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Jack Berry – King of Diamonds – OKY Sessions

Jack Berry King of Diamonds – Live- OKY Sessions

Class 7 Alumni, Jack Berry, feed our need for more raspy, blues rock by rolling out 3 Live session videos for the OKY Sessions. This one is Jack Berry King of Diamonds, because he’s our Beyonce’ of the rocker world.

Jack Berry King of Diamonds – Live OKY Sessions

The video starts with Berry playing some pretty catchy riffs in the historic Blackbird studios. The type of riffs that have you playing this song on repeat to catch those guitar feels again and again. Something Berry has done a great job branding himself on. Speaking of branding, Berry’s brand was built on his love for blues and rock. It doesn’t stop with him though, it trickles all the way down to his band.

Jack Berry “King of Diamonds”, dare we say, is one of the best live performances we’ve seen all year. Come get a taste of what we are hyping up by clicking below. And also be sure to stream his Mean Machine album by also clicking below. Stay tuned for his 3rd live OKY sessions launching tomorrow.

Get on in that video, share it, comment on it, and be sure to check out the interview with did with Jack Berry by CLICKING HERE

Let the Stalking Begin

The only way to start the relationship off right, is to jump over to Jack Berry’s website at and get on his mailing list.

The second step to building your relationship is to follow him on social media by clicking the corresponding links: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, AND SPOTIFY.

OKY Sessions

Recorded October 19-20 2017 at Blackbird Studio Nashville, TN

Executive Producer – Matthew Hornbeck

Associate Producer– Luke Forehand

Directory of Photography– Dustin Haney & Matthew Hornbeck

Audio Engineer– Luke Forehand

Camera Operator– Charlie Hareford, Trevor Wilson, Dustin Haney, Dusty Barker and Matthew Hornbeck

Video Editing– Matthew Hornbeck & Luke Forehand

Audio Mixing– Luke Forehand

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