The Foxies: “Floods” and the “Oblivion” EP

The Foxies bring retro glam pop to the 21st century with a quirky edge (that’s right, I said quirky edge) in their “Oblivion” EP.  With an 80’s pop influence, The Foxies are yet another incredible group to hit Nashville’s growing indie pop scene. Originally from deser...Read More

The Foxies – Floods (Official Music Video)- Nashville Unsigned Feature

THE FOXIES A new week brings us a new featured artist. Nashville Unsigned is stoked to start this week off right with The Foxies in their music video for “Floods”. The Foxies captivate us with this sexy, 80’s pop inspired vibe. Growing their fan base in Nashvill...Read More

Kim Logan – Neighborhood (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions

Kim Logan Ahhhhh this chick is such a badass! Today we launch our featured artist, Kim Logan’s Nashville music video for “Neighborhood”. A live acoustic, Sugarshack Sessions with The Hydromatic. Kim’s classically trained voice paired with the multi-instrum...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview- KIM LOGAN

KIM LOGAN It’s here kids!!!! Our Nashville Unsigned Interview with the lovely, talented, rock artist, Kim Logan, launches today. Come chill with us on the Red Couch as we chat about Kim’s new projects, her team around her, and her love for goats. Stay tuned for the en...Read More

Kim Logan: “Pseudoscience” and “Black Magic Boy”

Multi-talented artist and creative innovator Kim Logan is taking her artistic career by the reigns.  Not only does she bring a classic, rock ‘n roll attitude and retro sound to her live performances, she is an accomplished writer of both music and poetry and has creatively branch...Read More

Kim Logan – Black Magic Boy – Nashville Unsigned Feature

KIM LOGAN You guys know what time it is! New week equals new featured artist. We are stoked to feature an amazingly talent. We are thrilled to presenting the Nashville music video of “Black Magic Boy” by the independent artist Kim Logan. So come meet our new featured ...Read More

Stealing Oceans- Live Video Shoot @ The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound Space

Now that we’ve shared this innovative hip-hop group all week, it’s time to catch up with Stealing Oceans at The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound space for a video shoot!  With so many genre-splitting songs, these guys are sure to take over Nashville.  Yazoo will b...Read More


STEALING OCEANS We, at Nashville Unsigned, are honored that we get to PREMIERE a new Nashville music video from the ridiculously talented band, Stealing Oceans. Today we launch the video for “See The Light” which is Brian’s ode to his newly found relationship wi...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview- STEALING OCEANS

STEALING OCEANS The time has come! Our interview with STEALING OCEANS launches today. Come chill, while we chat on the infamous red couch with Brian from Stealing Oceans. We’re talking all things cats, Nashville music videos, when and how he migrated to Nashville, and we ma...Read More

Stealing Oceans: New Nashville Music Videos!

Led by hip hop artist Brian Thompson, Stealing Oceans is a project that flips traditional rap on its head.  Thompson enlists an entire band to create new melodies for his lyrics, including bass (Pat Graves), drums (David Martin), keys (Kipp Wylde), guitar (Sam Woods) and even a m...Read More

Meet STEALING OCEANS- Nashville Unsigned Featured Artist

STEALING OCEANS We at Nashville Unsigned are so honored, and stoked, to introduce you all to STEALING OCEANS in his Nashville music video titled “I am Stealing Oceans”. A spoken words poet who has successfully weaved that skill set into his artistry. STEALING OCEANS d...Read More

The Hollows- Live Concerts- Nashville Unsigned Feature

The Hollows So now since we’ve planted some interest in this Nashville rock band, The Hollows, all week. It’s time to see them live. Bringing that gritty rock to Nashville’s rapidly growing, amazingly talented, rock scene. The Hollows bring passion and energy to...Read More