Ryan Scott Travis

Ryan Scott Travis- Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 8


RYAN SCOTT TRAVIS warms the Red Couch 3 Men, 1 Body, 1 Artist This weeks class 8 featured artist graces the Red Couch. Come get to know the artist behind the music in a unique Ryan Scott Travis interview that is unlike most interviews you’ve caught recently. Often times you...Read More

Meet The Modern-Day Guy Clark: Ryan Scott Travis

Looking for “Real” Music? We Got You Covered! I hear a lot of people nowadays complain that no one is making “real” music anymore. In my opinion, this is a common misconception because it is all around us. You just have to know where to look. This is where Nashville Unsigned come...Read More

Ryan Scott Travis Music Video – “Friends/Yarn (Live)”

RYAN SCOTT TRAVIS MUSIC VIDEO (LIVE) “Friends/Yarn” It’s a new week and we are giving you a brand new artist that is sure to tug on your heart strings. Ryan Scott Travis music video for “Friends/Yarn” hits the site today live from the Modest House Se...Read More