Her – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 1

HER – Rock With Me (Official Music Video)

The Infamous HER does it again! The HER Rock with Me music video delivers, yet again, another wildly creative video highlighting the bands technical skills. And obviously highlighting Monique’s contagious dance moves. This entire week we are introducing you (if you don̵...Read More

Class 1’s HER Homecoming Interview

HER Homecoming Interview As we roll out our features of Class 9, we re-introduce you to Class 1’s HER and what’s going on today. It’s time for the HER homecoming interview. If you are one of the seed fans (a NU fan from the beginning) then you remember Class 1&#...Read More

The Band HER Debuts Music Video Movie “You Remember Me” That Would Make Tarantino Proud

The band HER releases two new music videos as a short film At just under 12 minutes, “You Remember Me”, the first music video movie from the band HER, really is a mini-movie. And a friggin’ awesome one at that! Not only does it serve as a platform to showcase their two songs, “Ch...Read More

The Unsigned Series – 1/18 – The Basement East – HER – Crush

The Unsigned Series presents HER Nashville Unsigned presents our first show of The Unsigned Series hosted by The Basement East on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The Unsigned Series showcases Nashville’s top independent artists by genre. So for the month of January, we ha...Read More


HER Fresh off of their European tour– and when I say fresh, I mean 6 days fresh–we chat about one of the coolest bands coming up independently out of Nashville right now: the band HER. HER is fronted by this awesome, open-minded , animal lovin’, boundary pushin&...Read More