Josh Dorr

Josh Dorr- Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 8

JOSH DORR – Rocket – Official Lyric Video

JOSH DORR IS ON A ROCKET HEADED STRAIGHT TO THE TOP So at this point you’ve all gotten the chance to see music video #1 on Josh Dorr, read an artist article and EP review, and get to know him in the Red Couch interviews. Now it’s time to check out one of our favorite ...Read More

Red Couch Interview with JOSH DORR

RED COUCH HANGIN’ WITH JOSH DORR It’s that time again! Our Red Couch Interview is up with our featured artist of the week, JOSH DORR. Our interviews always give you an inside look into the artist personality outside of their music. Josh Dorr gives Nashville Unsigned t...Read More

Josh Dorr Releases Soul Cleansing Album “Sundancer”

Josh Dorr- The new age of country Josh Dorr recently made his musical presence known with a new sensual, soulful album entitled “Sundancer”. For someone who lives in Nashville but doesn’t usually blast country music, I have fallen head over heels for Josh Dorr’s music (and maybe ...Read More

Josh Dorr – Studio Sessions: Save Your Breath

Shut the Front Dorr It’s a new week and we keep hittin’ you with our badass featured artists coming out of Class 8. Today we couldn’t be more stoked to introduce you all to the newest country heartthrob, Josh Dorr. Out of almost 80 featured artists, we’ve ...Read More