Stoop Kids

Stoop Kids – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 6

STOOP KIDS UPCOMING CONCERTS- Nashville Unsigned Feature

STOOP KIDS LIVE Alright it’s about that time, after all the hype, that you go catch The Stoop Kids in concert. Nashville prides itself on its diversity in music, and these guys fall nothing short of diverse. Their live performance combines the mixes of their humor and their...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview- Stoop Kids- Nashville Unsigned Feature

STOOP KIDS The Stoop Kids are hijacking the site all week and today we are hysterically laughing while launching our interview with these comedians turned musicians. Hailing from New Orleans, Stoop Kids brings their clever banter and quick wit to the Infamous Red Couch. Come meet...Read More

Stoop Kids: An Experiment in American Music

Stoop Kids are a progressive, experimental band who seamlessly interweaves genres from the past 75 years of American music.  That’s right– these guys are both retro and progressive.  How about that for duality?  Each song is fun and fresh, as they mix classic, American-born...Read More

Stoop Kids – 17:35 (Official Music Video)- Nashville Unsigned Feature

STOOP KIDS It’s a new week and we are dropping The Stoop Kids music video for 17:35. These guys give us music that is uncommonly refreshing by combining their unique New Orleans vibes and inspirations. The Stoop Kids so seamlessly blends genres such as hip-hop, doo wop, jaz...Read More