Fluid Notion

Fluid Notion – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 6

Fluid Notion- Think We Lost (Official Music Video) | Nashville Unsigned

FLUID NOTION Deep into our feature week with Fluid Notion, we launch their music video for “Think We Lost”. From escaping prison nestled deep into the woods, playing with death by tossing around poisonous “horse apples”, a high speed chase around the city,...Read More

NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Interview- Fluid Notion

FLUID NOTION The week keeps on chuggin’ along and we are stoked to launch, all over your faces, the Fluid notion interview. If you are just now joining us for the feature week on Fluid Notion, then you missed their introduction on Monday with the video for “It’s...Read More

Fluid Notion: Long Live Blues Rock!

Fluid Notion is a bluesy rock outfit with mellow vibes and a groovy style from the 60’s and 70’s.  This three-person collaboration brings together a variety of musical backgrounds, including classic blues, vintage rock, funk, and even a splash of punk.  What comes out of this mix...Read More

“It’s Hard To Interview Fluid Notion”- Fluid Notion Spoof

FLUID NOTION It’s the week of the 4th and we are making it rain independence. Today we introduce you all to Fluid Notion in their spoof video titled “It’s Hard To Interview Fluid Notion”. This band is not only equipped with some mad talented musicians but ...Read More