The Hollows

The Hollows – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 5

The Hollows- Live Concerts- Nashville Unsigned Feature

The Hollows So now since we’ve planted some interest in this Nashville rock band, The Hollows, all week. It’s time to see them live. Bringing that gritty rock to Nashville’s rapidly growing, amazingly talented, rock scene. The Hollows bring passion and energy to...Read More

THE HOLLOWS- YOUR LIPS-Nashville Unsigned EXCLUSIVE Music Video Premiere

THE HOLLOWS Exclusive Video Premiere of “Your Lips” We at Nashville Unsigned are super stoked to be able to premiere the brand new Nashville music video for The Hollows band in “Your Lips”. Shot at South x Sea and video production by Beat Nick Media. When ...Read More

The Hollows Interview- Nashville Unsigned

The Hollows Get excited for Nashville rock boys and girls! The guys from the independent, blues-rock band, The Hollows, join us on the couch this week for their interview. Come take a chill pill and hang out as we talk about new music, new videos and illegal activities. However, ...Read More

The Hollows and “Cry”: Nashville Blues Rock

Blues rock is one of this writer’s favorite genres; and man, does Nashville have some kick-ass blues rock.  This city has always been known for this genre’s sister styles, rock and country.  However, with Memphis as our neighbor, we can get down with some blues too.  This is why ...Read More

The Hollows – Cry ( Live at South By Sea)

The Hollows Every new week, comes a new featured artist/band. This week, we are stoked, yet again, to introduce you guys to this badass, bluesy rock band coming out of Nashville, The Hollows, in their Nashville music video for “Cry”. The birth Forming the band in coll...Read More