The Foxies

The Foxies – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 5

THE FOXIES – Wonder In Lust – Nashville Unsigned Feature

THE FOXIES We are stoked to launch another music video of THE FOXIES titled ” Wonder in Lust”. If you have not had the chance to check out this amazing pop band out of Nashville, then you haven’t quite lived yet. THE FOXIES secure their place in the Nashville po...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview – THE FOXIES – Nashville Unsigned

THE FOXIES We are so excited to launch our music interview with our featured band, The Foxies. Come get weird with us as we chat on our infamous red couch. Covering such topics as her earlier band projects, how and when she got to Nashville, and her witty, clever humor. The Foxie...Read More

The Foxies: “Floods” and the “Oblivion” EP

The Foxies bring retro glam pop to the 21st century with a quirky edge (that’s right, I said quirky edge) in their “Oblivion” EP.  With an 80’s pop influence, The Foxies are yet another incredible group to hit Nashville’s growing indie pop scene. Originally from deser...Read More

The Foxies – Floods (Official Music Video)- Nashville Unsigned Feature

THE FOXIES A new week brings us a new featured artist. Nashville Unsigned is stoked to start this week off right with The Foxies in their music video for “Floods”. The Foxies captivate us with this sexy, 80’s pop inspired vibe. Growing their fan base in Nashvill...Read More