Debi Batz

Debi Batz – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 5

Debi Batz- New Music Release Schedule

Debi Batz Ahhhhhh we are bummed that this is our last day featuring the newest badass to our Nashville Unsigned roster, Debi Batz, but our feature week as come to an end. Today we are going to let you know when to expect what with Debi’s new music. Release Dates April 27, 2...Read More

Nashville Pop Rocker Debi Batz: Nashville Music Videos

We at Nashville Unsigned love sharing the best Nashville music videos, and we love our pop-rocker friend Debi Batz.  That’s why we’re bringing you the latest teaser for “Rollercoaster”, the newest single from this powerhouse singer. Previously known as Roxy Batz, Debi Batz traded...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Interview- DEBI BATZ

DEBI BATZ It’s here everyone!!!!!! Our interview with the Debi Batz launches. Come hang, chill, grab a drink and some popcorn and get to know Nashville’s newest independent addition to the pop/rock scene. Debi talks all things, from her love for animals, exposing her ...Read More

New Artist Alert- DEBI BATZ

DEBI BATZ Today we not only launch a new featured artist, Debi Batz. Debi has been a Pop/Rock artist since she was 15. Touring in Europe, having major label meeting and showcases under the name Roxy Batz. We are stoked and honored to not only call her a friend, but to introduce y...Read More

Debi Batz

Debi Batz Wow! Where to start with this one? Well let’s start with, this is actually her birth name. The type of name that destines you to be a rockstar. Well that is just what she is.. A rockstar. Debi’s professional music career began when she was around 14 years ol...Read More