Alicia Michilli

Alicia Michilli – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 4

Alicia Michilli Cleans Up with Tub Talks- EXCLUSIVE PEEK

Alicia Michilli Cleans Up with Tub Talk Show  The entertainment is real this week.  Once again, Nashville’s creative scene of artists and innovators brings the world something fun and different.  This time, it’s with a fun new interview show called “Tub TalkR...Read More

Alicia Michilli- Heartbeat(Live)

Alicia Michilli Today we launch Alicia Michilli’s live performance at TEDxDetroit, performing an original song titled “Heartbeat” from her self-titled EP. Fresh off America’s Got Talent Season 10, Alicia really started to gain significant amounts of attent...Read More


America’s Got Talent Alumni,  Alicia Michilli Today we launch the highly anticipated Nashville Unsigned interview with the bluesy, jazzy, soulful, old soul, who brought Motown to Nashville, Alicia Michilli. First getting mass exposure to her talents on America’s Got T...Read More

Motown to Nashville: Alicia Michilli and Nashville’s Soul Music

Alicia Michilli is a Soul/R&B artist with humungous amounts of personality behind a shy demeanor.  She adds an interesting, unique flavor to Nashville’s indie music scene.  After releasing her first EP in February of 2015, Michilli made her nation-wide debut with an imp...Read More

Alicia Michilli – America’s Got Talent 2015 Season 10 – Auditions

Alicia Michilli  We are so honored at Nashville Unsigned to have our first soul singer, Alicia Michilli, who actually first started getting recognized after her stent on America’s Got Talent. Alicia’s smooth voice, gut-wrenching soul, and sweet demeanor make her extre...Read More