TRUITT – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 3

How Genres got dropped by The Label

Why Genre Used to Matter A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away when major record labels ruled, music genre mattered. From their standpoint, an artist had to fit into a certain category aka genre. This would help labels position their artists to appeal to the masses, get on t...Read More

TRUITT Interview

TRUITT ALL VIDEOS SHOT AND EDITED BY THE NOTORIOUS NE MUSIC AND VIDEO PRODUCTION FIND HIS SERVICES AT WWW.MUSICANDVIDEOPRODUCTION.COM  We at Nashville Unsigned are super stoked to get to feature such a talented, brother and sister duo out of Nashville, TRUITT, in this interview w...Read More

Truitt- Throne

TRUITT Super stoked to continue to introduce you all to this super talented brother/sister duo going by their last name, Truitt. This is their official video for “Throne” so check it out and follow them on everything below. Also you can find their latest, self titled,...Read More

TRUITT Article

TRUITT Meet Brigetta and Brett TRUITT. Brother and sister group from Florida but have planted themselves in the creative culture called Nashville. TRUITT expanded their passions and skill sets in songwriting since living in Nashville. Initially titled The Truitts, they wanted to ...Read More

TRUITT – Touch

TRUITT We at Nashville Unsigned are so freaking stoked to get to feature our youngest band to date, a brother sister duo going by their last name, TRUITT. Bringing their own very unique approach to the pop/ edm scene in Nashville. Truitt not only has this ridiculous God-given tal...Read More