Sandwaves – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 3

Get Woke with OnenO PURE: A Transcendental Musical Experience

OnenO, who was born Kevin Hastings and is one-half of Class 3 alum Sand Waves, dropped his latest single “Pure” last week, and we feel existentially and spiritually more woke having listened to it. OnenO Pure OneonO Pure WHAT’S IN A NAME? First things first.  If you’re anything l...Read More

BANG BANG / Fabreze (Jack Ü) MASHUP – SandWaves LIVE @ The SandCastle

SandWaves SandWaves back at it in the SandCastle, doing their thang! We’ve said it before and we will say it again, but if you have yet to see them live, then stay tuned because we will be throwing another party with them very soon. Keep killin’ it guys!! And go stalk...Read More

SandWaves [Teaser] – Where Are You Now – Justin Bieber

SANDWAVES Live from the “SandCastle” with their unique twist on Bieber’s jam “Where Are You Now?” Jump on the Sandwaves  bandwagon below right before they BLOW UP! Now go stalk SandWaves on all their socials by clicking the links below Did we mention...Read More

SandWaves Interview

SandWaves Super stoked to launch our interview with the very unique band combining the dj scene and live music scene, SandWaves. Getting to know Mika and OnenO, two amazing session/ touring musicians combining their talents to rock our lives with their band SandWaves. Stay tuned ...Read More

SandWaves Article

SandWaves  This week we introduce you all to not only some amazing musicians, but some badass people, SandWaves. Mika and OnenO conjured up this clever name meaning “You are the creator of your reality.” SandWaves is this crazy amazing marriage between live/electronic...Read More

SandWaves – Don’t Let Me Down – Onesie Party LIVE at Tin Roof NASHVILLE

SANDWAVES Super stoked to feature one of the most unique bands to date on Nashville Unsigned, Sandwaves. What they are doing with the live music and Dj scene and how they integrate the two on stage is something that is not happening in Nashville until now. These guys have played ...Read More

WINTER ONESIE PARTY – Them Dirty Roses, HER, and Sandwaves- 11/11

DEVON WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY PRESENTS WINTER ONESIE PARTY- FRIDAY 11/11- NASHVILLE UNSIGNED PRESENTS THE LINEUP We are so stoked to help the infamous Devin Williams Photography brings this Winter Onesie Party to life with some of the most energetic bands in the city, THEM DIRTY ROS...Read More