Tramps – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 2

TRAMPS – “Nashville”

TRAMPS brand new, very first, music video for “Nashville” just launched and we’ve got it for you. Check it out and Stay tuned to any and all things TRAMPS has going on, which is a lot, by getting your official TRAMPS stamp and signing up for their email list at ...Read More


 TRAMPS MEMBERS – Trevor Sarver – Lead Vocals & Guitar Cody Ryan – Bass & Background Vocals Darren King – Guitar & Background Vocals Abishai Collingsworth – Drums This American Rock and Roll band, TRAMPS, is launching their debut, self- t...Read More

TRAMPS – BTS Shenanigans

ALL VIDEOS SHOT AND EDITED BY NE MUSIC AND VIDEO PRODUCTION This is how much fun we have on these interviews. This is what REALLY happens behind the scenes. Trevor of TRAMPS going mom mode, His vape game is captured on camera, and Amber droppin’ the F bomb, holding her own ...Read More

TRAMPS – Interview

ALL VIDEOS SHOT AND EDITED BY THE INFAMOUS NE MUSIC AND VIDEO PRODUCTION Come join us as we sit and chat with Nashville’s newest rock band, TRAMPS, front man Trevor Sarver.  Acquire your official TRAMPS stamp by joining their email list at And go make love...Read More

TRAMPS – Teaser Video

Get excited boys and girls! We are stoked to have access to the TRAMPS, prior to their album launching.  To Stay in the know with all things TRAMPS, check out Facebook – TRAMPSusa Instagram – TRAMPSusa Twitter – TRAMPSusa YouTube – TRAMPS...Read More