Iron Vessel

Iron Vessel – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 2

Class 2 Alumni IRON VESSEL – Fresh Off The Stage Interview

Class 2 Alumni, Iron Vessel, releases their new album “One Eyed World”. Iron Vessel Interview inclusive of all the sweat and adrenaline you would have “Fresh off the Stage”. Last Friday, Nashville Unsigned had the pleasure of presenting Class 2 alumni, Iro...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Presents: The Unsigned Series- Rock Edition

The Unsigned Series- Rock Edition 2/15 The Basement East This installment we are stoked to bring you all The Unsigned Series- ROCK edition. Featuring some of Nashville’s hottest on the verge, rock bands that we have featured in the past or are featuring in the future. Nashv...Read More

Iron Vessel-12/16-The 5 Spot

IRON VESSEL Live, this Friday 16th at 7:00pm Catch one of our featured rock bands, IRON VESSEL,  this weekend, Friday 16th at The 5 Spot, East Nashville. Show starts at 7:00pm. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Iron Vessel live yet, then be at The 5 spot on Friday t...Read More

Iron Vessel- Drown Me in the River LIVE

Nashville’s own IRON VESSEL just launched their LIVE video for “Drown Me in the River” and of course we have got to make sure you guys see this. This band is so talented in so many aspects but they are also good fucking people. We are honored and stoked all at t...Read More


IRON VESSEL  Iron Vessel  The 3 founding members of Iron Vessel comes to us in Nashville from the great state of Pennsylvania. Caleb (guitarist), Dylan, (guitarist/ lead vocalist) and Katie (badass bassist) loaded up their cars and made the leap to Nashville to further pursue not...Read More

IRON VESSEL – Interview

ALL VIDEOS SHOT AND EDITED BY THE INFAMOUS  NE MUSIC AND VIDEO PRODUCTION Iron Vessel Stay tuned to all of Iron Vessel’s social media accounts and stay in the know on everything they are up to right now. Facebook – Iron Vessel Instagram – Iron Vessel Twitter ...Read More


Check out Nashville’s newest jazz, rock band, IRON VESSEL on social media and show them some major lovin’. These cats are doing some fun, funky stuff to rock and roll. Go Check it out! Facebook – Iron Vessel Twitter – Iron Vessel Instagram – Iron Ves...Read More