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The Nashville Pop Scene Goes Dark w/ Alaina Cross “Six ft”

Alaina Cross new single "Six ft"

Alaina’s Journey & “Six ft”:

As a Nashville native, I’m always blown away at our emerging pop scene.  And when I say pop, I don’t actually mean main stream. The Nashville pop scene seems to have remixed the pop genre in many ways.  Including many other popular Nashville genres, like rock and electronic music, the musicians here are creative, talented, and connected to one of the best cities in the world to record.

It was in this scene that dark gem Alaina Cross found herself reformed as a musician.  Previously fronting the rock band The Resolute, Alaina has brought her rock and roll edge to this electronic pop style she has adopted.  This past influences her sound in many ways, from subject matter to atmosphere.Alaina Cross Six Ft

Though she’s left the band life behind, her time spent in the rock scene really helped to shape something new in the Nashville pop scene.

Possessing dark electric tones, mixed with a powerful voice, her music in an eclectic blend. Her rock-and-roll voice is delivered with an electronic style, which incorporates many different and haunting sounds.  This overall energy sets the tone for her songwriting, as she delves into the ugly side of romance (and the lack there of.)

Inspiration and Style For “Six ft”:

“Six ft” is Cross’ most recent release.  A great example of her overall style, “Six ft” is a ballad of heartbreak.  The writing is powerful, and so is Alaina Cross’ delivery.  She isn’t afraid to get down to raw, emotional states.  And with vocal talent like that, she knows how to lead a song.  The musical elements she uses here really bring the darkness up a notch, including glitchy electronic beats with a build-up of strings.

Check out her Facebook to keep up with Alaina Cross’ shows and upcoming releases.  You can also follow her on her website, where you’ll find this track and more.

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