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Adara’s World- Adara Is Bringing You Music From Outer Space

Adara's world Nashville Unsigned

Adara’s World

Adara's world Nashville Unsigned

Photo By: Lauren Athalia Makeup By: Sherita Leslie

Come get spacey in Adara’s world. Adara is bringing you fresh galactic tunes that will take your ears to another galaxy. Her love for theatre and outer space bleeds into her brand. Opening for the likes of Seven Lions and Ra, there is no stopping this space queen. Her music brings you depth filled with emotions that are intensely relatable to say the least.


Most recent single ”Moments”, is all about finding that person that gives you that one moment of peace through all of the struggle. Using Adara’s own “in-tune” words:

“These little moments, they keep me going. We lay in the silence, you keep my heart open”.

 Having the ability to create music at all is a gift.  But having the talent to connect with your audience using your music is what separates you from the rest. This all starts with being in tune with yourself and your emotions. Adara captures this perfectly.

 What’s with the Space Vibes?

Meet your space guru, Adara! Paving her own way as a space-themed EDM, pop “star”, Adara is radiating light in all the right places. Wearing a robotic suit during her interview with us, being different and unique is what she lives for. Her music videos that are more like clips from Star Wars or Star Trek are magically thrilling. Everyone needs a place to escape to. For many, including myself, listening to music or going to shows allows you a break from the real world. Adara gives you the break of a lifetime with her outer space themed jams and just damn raw lyrics. Her live shows are nothing less than stellar. She invites you into her own world that is out of this galaxy.

What’s Next?

Adara has been teasing us all week with her new music video for “Death Of A Star” that is dropping today so keep your eyeballs peeled! Don’t be last in line for this one!

If you missed our interview with Adara, check it out here.

Come hang in Adara’s world

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