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This is a site built around interviewing and showcasing the best and brightest in unsigned Nashville music.  We come from a city that is well-known for country music, but the reality is Music City is packed with talent from all kinds of genres.  Some are even genre defining!  This fact is what inspired us to make it our mission to showcase these artists.  With interviews, showcases, music videos and a blog, we have a lot to share with music lovers.

We live and breathe the digital music industry.  This is because the world is evolving and music is evolving with it.  Finally, the old ways of distributing and marketing talent are quickly being replaced.  Now, more artists than ever are able to engage their audience digitally.

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Amber Stoneman

From her early management days at Victoria’s Secret Amber produced impressive results. Leaving corporate with valuable, transferable, skill sets in hand, Amber quickly acknowledged the music industry’s opportunities in adapting to technologies, so She decided to fix that. Amber quickly became a member of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and Score Nashville in order to grow her knowledge, network and influence. Amber is not only working on launching Vibin’ Music Network, an app for connecting musicians and producers, but she is also the Founder and CEO of Nashville Unsigned, an entertainment site that spotlights Nashville’s biggest up-and-comers through interviews and live events.

Jared Rigsby

Jared is a freelance graphic designer and writer.  After graduating in 2012, he began work freelancing for a year.  He then began interning and later became Assistant Editor for an online publication in Nashville, Dish Magazine.  After covering entertainment and technology for several years, he shifted into digital marketing and design.  Now, Jared brings his experience and editorial flavor to the Nashville Unsigned team and hangs out on the blog.

Nick Brown

Nick Brown is a digital marketing wizard. Nick started making websites and designing merch for bands back in 2003. After crafting so many brands and websites he started working with local businesses to increase their profits by marketing online. Since then, Nick has become a master of developing brands online within any budget size. Nick’s blend of artistic vision and technical know-how has been a valuable asset to many start-up businesses here in Nashville and beyond! Nick currently serves on the board for Nashville Unsigned and oversees the website development and marketing implementation.

Patryk Larney

Patryk Larney is the Founder of Hope Tree Entertainment, an artist development company based out of Nashville, TN. Elected to Steve Jobs’ maiden wave of Creatives for the historic relaunch of Apple Inc, and subsequently working as Creative Coordinator, Patryk has been recognized for his success in disruptive innovation. With years of experience in the music industry, his path has found him working alongside such names as Sara Bareilles, Ricky Martin, Rachel Platten, Anthony Hamilton, Billy Joel, Fiona Apple and Sting.

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