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NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Interview- Fluid Notion

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FLUID NOTIONfluid notion interview with nashville unsigned

The week keeps on chuggin’ along and we are stoked to launch, all over your faces, the Fluid notion interview. If you are just now joining us for the feature week on Fluid Notion, then you missed their introduction on Monday with the video for “It’s Hard To Interview Fluid Notion“. Showcasing some of their unique characters, impersonation skills, and of course, their clever, witty personalities. These guys never fail to entertain. So come pull up a seat, take back a PBR, and prepare to laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. Fluid Notion is proud to introduce “The Jersey Vamp”, “The Bratwurst Guy” and “The Tromboners”. The alter egos to their rock style personas under Fluid Notion. Come get to know the personalities behind the music, what they have learned along the way, and have a laugh or two in between. Be sure to continue to stick around all week! We’ve got so much more on this up-and-coming blues rock band.

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