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LAW. Gold (Audio Video) | Nashville Unsigned Featured Artist

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LAW. is Keeping Us Fresh AFNashville Unsigned artist article on featured pop artist LAW. - LAW. article

LAW. Gold Takes Its Sonic Teeth and Sinks Them In While Releasing Its 24k Venom

Rolling out new music consistently in 2017, LAW. gave us 5 bangers that successfully infected our minds. One we just can’t seem to shake is LAW. Gold, the single will earn you cool points just for listening.

With a killer production crew in toe, Altru Creative, LAW. unleashed her secret project she had been working on for years. Taking a massive jump from country music to her Tru calling into pop, under the moniker LAW. Embracing the fact that she doesn’t abide by the “Typical” laws of music. She just writes her own 🙂


Tapping into the complications of a relationship. LAW. realizes the issues, that she thought were her partner, was actually her. The gold symbolizes some sense of entitlement in the relationship. She’s the princess in the relationship not the problem. Until she realizes she is indeed the problem, and states “Put it on me”, placing the blame on herself. Seeing that she’s the majority of the problem in the relationship, but also letting the phrase own a bit of sexual connotation.

The problems of relationships are much easier to shift than take accountability for. In the single from LAW. Gold, she recognizes she’s pulling him down by her own downfalls. I can honestly attest to this song. Many times in the four walls of a relationship I’ve pinned my partner for problems that I’m sure derived from my own shit.

LAW. writes in a way that is extremely relatable but also delivered in a play on words. We must admit, you’re a clever one LAW!

Now go save the song below:

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Keepin’ up with LAW.

Ya gotta keep up with LAW. by jumping over to her website and socials to subscribe,follow and all that jazz. –  Be sure to sign up for LAW.’s mailing list


Happy Stalking!

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