RAND- UPCOMING CONCERTS- Nashville Unsigned Feature

RAND It’s been a full week talking all things RAND, but today we hit you with his upcoming concerts. This band is no stranger to a performance. These professional musicians will be laying it down at Rockwood Music Hall mid August. So grab your tickets and catch a unique sho...Read More

STOOP KIDS UPCOMING CONCERTS- Nashville Unsigned Feature

STOOP KIDS LIVE Alright it’s about that time, after all the hype, that you go catch The Stoop Kids in concert. Nashville prides itself on its diversity in music, and these guys fall nothing short of diverse. Their live performance combines the mixes of their humor and their...Read More

RAVINER- Upcoming Shows- Nashville Unsigned Feature

SEE RAVINER LIVE After getting to know this mega-talented rock band out of Nashville all week, it’s time to see them live in concert. Raviner’s list of upcoming shows are listed below so you can continue to feed your craving. Also don’t forget to check out our s...Read More

FUTURE THIEVES On Tour- Nashville Unsigned Featured Band

FUTURE THIEVES Now since we have hyped them all week, it’s time to see Future Thieves on tour. Below is their schedule for the summer so find their next location and get a taste of the Future Thieves live. JUNE 2, 1017 Gaststädte Stock Hagen, Germany TICKETS JUNE 3, 2017 Gr...Read More

Stealing Oceans- Live Video Shoot @ The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound Space

Now that we’ve shared this innovative hip-hop group all week, it’s time to catch up with Stealing Oceans at The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound space for a video shoot!  With so many genre-splitting songs, these guys are sure to take over Nashville.  Yazoo will b...Read More

The Hollows- Live Concerts- Nashville Unsigned Feature

The Hollows So now since we’ve planted some interest in this Nashville rock band, The Hollows, all week. It’s time to see them live. Bringing that gritty rock to Nashville’s rapidly growing, amazingly talented, rock scene. The Hollows bring passion and energy to...Read More

4/13 Alaina Cross w/ Michael Mcquaid and Alexander:

Alaina Cross “Six Ft” Release: Nashville Music Video Show Nashville Unsigned is stoked to present- Alaina Cross w/ Alexander and Michael McQuaid. Bringing Nashville’s pop powerhouses out to play for Alaina’s release of her new Nashville music video for ...Read More

Upcoming Shows for The Love Elektrik

The Love Elektrik So now since we have teased you and have made you fall in love with The Love Elektrik. Now we are going to tell you where to see them live. 4/5 TODAY in Nashville Live TV 5/22 The Country Times TBD Now go and see them live, trust us, it’s a jaw dropping ex...Read More

3/1 IMM8-Indie Mix and Mingle

IMM8- presented by NE Music and Video and Nashville Unsigned Indie Mix and Mingle is coming at you with the 8th installment, and this time we are moving it right off music row at Whiskey Rhythm on 3/1 at 6:30pm. Indie Mix and Mingle is a networking event for the independent commu...Read More

PHANGS at The High Watt

Catch PHANGS live! So we have hyped you guys up all week long on this very unique and creative artist that goes by the name of PHANGS, and now we give you the knowledge to, in turn, have the chance to see him live. A handful of artists are migrating south for SXSW in march but be...Read More

Nashville Unsigned Presents: The Unsigned Series- Rock Edition

The Unsigned Series- Rock Edition 2/15 The Basement East This installment we are stoked to bring you all The Unsigned Series- ROCK edition. Featuring some of Nashville’s hottest on the verge, rock bands that we have featured in the past or are featuring in the future. Nashv...Read More

Whissell with Fleurie and FJØRA at The High Watt

Whissell At The High Watt You don’t want to miss this! On 1/30 we are presenting the Whissell with Fleurie and Fjora show at The High Watt at 8pm. The lineup is stacked with Nashville’s indie pop powerhouses ready to blow your minds at the event on Monday 30th. So com...Read More