Meet The Modern-Day Guy Clark: Ryan Scott Travis

Looking for “Real” Music? We Got You Covered! I hear a lot of people nowadays complain that no one is making “real” music anymore. In my opinion, this is a common misconception because it is all around us. You just have to know where to look. This is where Nashville Unsigned come...Read More

Josh Dorr Releases Soul Cleansing Album “Sundancer”

Josh Dorr- The new age of country Josh Dorr recently made his musical presence known with a new sensual, soulful album entitled “Sundancer”. For someone who lives in Nashville but doesn’t usually blast country music, I have fallen head over heels for Josh Dorr’s music (and maybe ...Read More

Kyle Reynolds is On The Cusp of New-Age Pop

The Year of Kyle Reynolds This has been the year of Kyle Reynolds. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard him, but he’s back and better than ever. One upbeat, witty tune after another, Kyle Reynolds is on a winning streak of releasing hit songs this year.  Raising eyebrows and tur...Read More

Kyle Reynolds Makes It Rain With His New Single “Money For Tonight”

Kyle Reynolds New Catchy Single “Money for Tonight” Will Have You Throwin’ Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all! California Native and rising pop star, Kyle Reynolds, is on a roll releasing catchy, fun songs that just keep coming. If you liked his single “Friday Saturday Sunday”, you will s...Read More


SVRCINA RELEASES “STEADY” Nashville independent force SVRCINA unveiled her single “STEADY” this week and we can’t stop playing it. In fact, if we were spinning vinyl, we’re pretty sure we would have already fried this record. The single comes hot on the heals of the artist’s prev...Read More

NU Alumni THE LOVE ELEKTRIK Release Their New EP

NU Alumni THE LOVE ELEKTRIK Release Their New EP If Prince had a musical love child with Maroon 5 and they decided to rewrite the soundtrack to Top Gun, you’d come close to the supernatural, sultry, funkadelic sound that is The Love Elektrik. An electrifying mix of dance, music, ...Read More

WILDWOOD Pays Homage To Her Lineage In New Elegant Cover of “Ring Of Fire”

WILDWOOD Pays Homage To Her Lineage In New Elegant Cover of “Ring Of Fire” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially in this case! Anne Buckle, also known as WILDWOOD, released her own rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. With June Carter Cash and Anita Carter be...Read More


ALAINA CROSS RELEASES “HAUNTED” When one thinks about October 31, one immediately thinks about Halloween: pumpkins, witches and ghouls, little kids trick-or-treating in costumes, and spooky music. When one thinks about Alaina Cross, one immediately thinks of her kille...Read More

Jack Berry Puts the Rock in Roll

Jack Berry Puts the Rock in Roll If Jack White and Elvis Presley could create a musical genre baby, their child would be Jack Berry. Jack likes whiskey and women, “in that order”. He has no trouble completely dominating as a blues rocker with some insane soul that sounds like he ...Read More

Whissell Releases A New EP That Will Give You Whiplash

The New EP from Whissell Will Give You Whiplash Bold, fierce, savage. These are the three words to perfectly describe the new self-titled EP from Whissell that she surprise BOMBED on us this month! Whissell doesn’t hold anything back, laying it all out on the table from a woman’s...Read More

Cine-Pop Powerhouse, SVRCINA, launches new single “Astronomical”

SVRCINA launches “Astronomical” The Newest Single from SVRCINA is Out of This World The Cine-Pop powerhouse, SVRCINA, shows off her vocal control in the newest single “Astronomical”. Riding waves of mega-production to the simplest of classical instruments,...Read More


Kid Politics has just dropped their third single “Lost In The Jungle”. Nashville Unsigned is thrilled to be the first to jam it in your earhole. A CYCLE OF TASTE As we are hit with fresh artists and sounds err’day, it may feel like the style of popular music com...Read More

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