Sik Wit

Sik Wit – Nashville Unsigned Alumni Class 3


SIK WIT So we’ve been featuring the band SIK WIT all week, peaking everyones interest in such a unique band coming out of Nashville. So have no fear, their next show is: December 10,2016 at Mercy Lounge 9pm $10 Check out their facebook link below for ticket information. We ...Read More

SIK WIT Article

Sik Wit  Ok, where to start with this band. SIK WIT introduces us the the swampier parts of hip hop and rap. Brothers, Dane and Jim Wes, produce their own music, produce and direct their own music videos, write their own lyrics, and perform their own music, and have you heard Jim...Read More

SIK WIT- Make The Bass Go

SIK WIT Featured band this week, SIK WIT, throws it down today with their video for “Make The Bass Go“. Jim and Dane both throw their creativity and skillsets to this video. Jim spit those versus like he was born to do this or something and Dane brought the heat with ...Read More


ALL VIDEOS SHOT AND EDITED BY THE NOTORIOUS NE MUSIC AND VIDEO PRODUCTION FIND HIS SERVICES AT WWW.MUSICANDVIDEOPRODUCTION.COM  SIK WIT In true Nashville Unsigned fashion, we present you our interview with the guys from SIK WIT. When you mix brothers, who can do the visual and au...Read More


SIK WIT We are super stoked to get to be able to feature such a trend setting, hip, zero fucks given, band that has an opinion worth listening to, SIK WIT, branding the orange beanie to perfection. This is their video for “Drugs Money Women“, saying exactly whats on t...Read More