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Fluid Notion- Think We Lost (Official Music Video) | Nashville Unsigned

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FLUID NOTIONFluid Notion official music video for i think we lost nashville unsigned

Deep into our feature week with Fluid Notion, we launch their music video for “Think We Lost”. From escaping prison nestled deep into the woods, playing with death by tossing around poisonous “horse apples”, a high speed chase around the city, standing in the ruins of their enemy’s house, these guys dare to live life on the edge of death. Catching all of these crazy antics on film, Fluid Notion knew in their rise to rockstardom, they would need this footage as their proof of official badassery. After compiling only frames that were legal, Fluid Notion decided to release their secrets into the world. That is how the video for “Think We Lost” was conjured up and created. Hope you guys enjoy! Remember, if the authorities ask…. you didn’t see nothin’.

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