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TRUE VILLAINS Live- TV upcoming shows

Nashville Unsigned feature band True Villains live events.

Dying to see a True Villains Show?True Villains Live Nashville Unsigned featured artist True Villains "Cut Me Loose" music video

True Villains Live

In HOT demand right now, True Villains live is taking over Nashville in January. With their current impressive show resume’, the newly formed TV is shaking up the scene with their electric live performances. The type of performance that leaves you in Show Shock (Nashville Unsigned Glossary Term) for days, if not weeks, after the show.

With a look like Curt Cobain, moves like Matt Shultz (Cage The Elephant), and a voice like Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), True Villains serves up the perfect cocktail of rock GREATS with their own twist. There is no shortage of talent or energy levels when they jump on stage. So check out the calendar below to see True Villains Live and get your face melted off and put back on all in the same night.

Where and When to be there

True Villains Live will be going down Monday January 15th at Winners Bar and Grill for Whiskey Jam Live. They will also be playing Top Golf Live with Lines in the Sky and Abbey Moss on Friday, January 19th doors open at 6:00pm. Lastly, with their most immenent live shows, True Villains live will also be going down Wednesday, January 24th at The 5 Spot somewhere between 9:00- 11:30pm. So snag your tickets now, rsvp, and start planning with your friends to witness an epic rock show (or 3) this month. Details for ALL shows on our calendar at .

Rock with Us all week

Stick around for the remainder of the week as we continue to introduce you all to True Villains and give you opportunities to meet them on a much deeper level.

If you missed the True Villains- Cut Me Loose video yesterday, CLICK HERE

Recruiting Fans Below

The only way to keep up with the insane amount of momentum True Villains has right now, is to jump over to their site and get on the mailing list

Also be sure to follow and subscribe on all social platforms such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and SPOTIFY.

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