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Nashville’s STEEL UNION band drops country DEBUT EP 

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Nashville’s popular STEEL UNION releases their debut EP today. Since 2015, the trio has been turning the ears of hungry country music fans nationwide. Due to a chance meeting between Broadway starlet Rachel Potter and buddies Donny Fallgatter and Josh Matheny, STEEL UNION planted its seeds in an East Nashville bar. Matheny and Fallgatter bonded years earlier with the local hit band KING BILLY. But sometimes the sum is greater than the parts and consequently, that is exactly why the trio decided to link up for good. Something magical happens when the three join voices. Here’s our review of the four liftoff tracks featured on the highly anticipated debut EP from STEEL UNION.

Steel Union releases debut EP to Nashville Unsigned acclaim

STEEL UNION – Self titled debut EP

1. Stereotype

Are BOSE and PIONEER scratching each other’s eyes out yet for the exclusive rights to this SYNC BLING?! Because we’re ready to empty our wallets for a bumpin’ stereo! The song’s clever breakdown of the word “Stereotype” disarms even the harshest songwriting critics. Rachel reminds us how comfortable she feels in her classic “Pottersphere” while scraping the clouds with a Broadway borrowed belt. I’m a stereo type / radio kind / boom box loud / on a Saturday night / hit you from the left / hit you from the right / surround sound getting me all HIFI. Did we mention that the songwriting team of “Stereotype” seems like a Who’s Who in Nashville Unsigned Alumni list? Kenny Foster (Class 6) and Parker McKay (Class 2) join Potter and Matheny to lend swagger to the EP’s most radio-ready banger.

2. Single Life

All the members of STEEL UNION make the leap into married life in 2017. How appropriate that the trio includes a motown-inspired ditty marking the demise of the frustrating single life on their debut EP! The second lyrical masterpiece on the record was penned by Potter, Fallgatter and Lucy Silvas. In addition to her master melody MO, Silvas knows a thing or two about tying the knot. The popular singer/songwriter also buried her single life recently alongside husband and Brothers Osborne member John Osborne. You can all come to the funeral / but I’ll be wearing white / say goodbye to my single life. We enjoy the celebration of commitment. Bravo!

3. If I Don’t Love You

Delivering a feel good melody backed by an infectious three part harmony, STEEL UNION shows off their ability to deliver a classic cowboy cry fest. If I don’t love you / why does this hurt / why do I wish that we could make it work / letting go should be easy to do / if I don’t love you. We dare you to listen without sniffling. If your empathy bone doesn’t so much as tweak just a little, then you probably don’t own a soul. Potter and Fallgatter trade verses to deliver a classic country styled duet.

4. Slide

Finally, the powerhouse trio wraps up their debut EP with the barn-burner fan favorite “Slide”. The track allows Josh Matheny to spread his wings and pimp out why he’s considered one of Nashville’s premiere dobro players. Hotter than a shingle on a roof / suntan legs feel so smooth / can’t you get a little bit closer than that / I can drive with you on my lap. Strap on your cowboy boots and turn it up, because we believe you are going to be fighting back the winter with this get away anthem for what’s left of the fall.

The record was produced by STEEL UNION and critically acclaimed producer Brad Hill at The Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN. STEEL UNION’s self titled debut EP is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

Steel Union releases debut EP to Nashville unsigned acclaim

Steel Union – Donny Fallgatter, Rachel Potter & Josh Matheny

Keeping in harmony with STEEL UNION

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