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Red Couch Interview with JOSH DORR

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RED COUCH HANGIN’ WITH JOSH DORRNashville Unsigned featured artist Josh Dorr launches a new EP Sundancer and we review it

It’s that time again! Our Red Couch Interview is up with our featured artist of the week, JOSH DORR. Our interviews always give you an inside look into the artist personality outside of their music. Josh Dorr gives Nashville Unsigned the exclusive story of his younger years, his come-up, and how he transitioned from poet to artist. So if you didn’t love this artist coming into the interview, you will leave a fan.

WHYLD – What Have You Learned Dude

Josh gives us some of his biggest learning lessons along his journey to now. The WHYLD segment allows up-and-coming/ aspiring artists to take the lessons learned/ advice from these artists for their own careers. Josh interned in the music industry, slowly but surely gaining knowledge and understanding how the business side worked. Dorr ‘s biggest advice to up-and-comers is “Nobosy knows yourself better than yourself. Everyone has opinions but it doesn’t mean all their opinions are right. Write stuff you believe in and what you think, because everyone’s going to tell you what you should look and sound like. Noone knows whats right or what will work, they are all just guessing. Stay true to you.” Spoken like a true professional. So take notes kids! He is most certainly one to learn from and a career to mimic.

nashville unsigned featured artist Josh Dorr in his music video for "Save your Breath"


Stream Josh Dorr’s new album “Sundancer” Below:


Stalking Doesn’t Count If They See You

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