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JOSH DORR – Rocket – Official Lyric Video

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JOSH DORR IS ON A ROCKET HEADED STRAIGHT TO THE TOPnashville unsigned featured artist Josh Dorr in his lyric video for Rocket NEW EP SUNDANCER AVAILABLE NOW

So at this point you’ve all gotten the chance to see music video #1 on Josh Dorr, read an artist article and EP review, and get to know him in the Red Couch interviews. Now it’s time to check out one of our favorite songs from Josh titled “Rocket”. This song shows a more diverse side of Josh from his music video for “Save Your Breath” we launched earlier this week. A more upbeat, somewhat rocker vibe we haven’t exposed to Nashville Unsigned just yet. The common theme we are seeing in Dorr’s writing is a much sexier approach to country music, much like Keith Urban’s earlier music.

Come experience the jam that will have you driving down back roads, no gps, windows down, radio blaring, even in 28 degree weather. “Rocket” wisps you away to summer time no matter what season you are in. So crank the heat, drop those windows and crank up “Rocket” for you Christmas time roadtrip.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week for a snapchat takeover from the man himself, Josh Dorr, and also where to see him live soon!


Also, do not forget to jump on over to the ole Spotify to start streaming Dorr’s newest album titled “Sundancer”. Again, breaking all of the preconceived notions we had on this multi-talented artist.

Stream Josh Dorr’s new album “Sundancer” Below:


Stalking Doesn’t Count If They See You

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