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The Triple Threat That Is Texada

Think back to a time when you completely overindulged yourself on a really good meal, and you feel so content that you start to drift into a food coma. A similar phenomenon happens...Read More

Stealing Oceans Release “Blueprint”- Nashville Unsigned Alumni

Stealing Oceans “Blueprint” Launches Today   From the ranks of Nashville Unsigned’s Class 5, Stealing Oceans is back! They return bearing gifts of big beats ...Read More

WILDWOOD Has “Secrets” Up Her Sleeve

Georgia native, WILDWOOD, is creeping into the Nashville Indie Pop music scene with haunting melodies that will surely cast a spell on you. This female one-woman show plays every l...Read More

Music Videos From Nashville's Best New Artists


TEXADA Texada Live cover of “I Will Survive” Today we are dropping the TEXADA live video of “I Will Survive”. At Nashville Unsigned we p...

TEXADA Remix – “Walking On The Moon”

TEXADA  Texada’s Self Produced Music Video of “Waking on the Moon” At Nashville Unsigned we take pride in curating the most badass independent...

WILDWOOD Cover – Adele – Someone Like You

WILDWOOD Covers Adele’s “Someone Like You” Americana roots Our feature week presses on with Nashville’s very own pop indie artist, WILDW...

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