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Meet The Modern-Day Guy Clark: Ryan Scott Travis

Looking for “Real” Music? We Got You Covered! I hear a lot of people nowadays complain that no one is making “real” music anymore. In my opi...Read More

Josh Dorr Releases Soul Cleansing Album “Sundancer”

Josh Dorr- The new age of country Josh Dorr recently made his musical presence known with a new sensual, soulful album entitled “Sundancer”....Read More

Kyle Reynolds is On The Cusp of New-Age Pop

The Year of Kyle Reynolds This has been the year of Kyle Reynolds. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard him, but he’s back and better than ...Read More

Kyle Reynolds Makes It Rain With His New Single “Money For Tonight”

Kyle Reynolds New Catchy Single “Money for Tonight” Will Have You Throwin’ Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all! California Native and rising pop star,...Read More


SVRCINA RELEASES “STEADY” Nashville independent force SVRCINA unveiled her single “STEADY” this week and we can’t stop playing it. In fact, ...Read More

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PAUL McDONALD hitches a ride with Project 615

PAUL MCDONALD IS A BUS LOAD OF TALENT So you’ve been loving our weekly featured artist Paul McDonald and you want more more more. And ...Read More

Paul McDonald Call On Me Official Video

Paul McDonald Call On Me Paul McDonald Call On Me Official Music Video First of all, Today we are launching the music video for Paul McDonal...Read More

Ryan Scott Travis Music Video – “Friends/Yarn (Live)”

RYAN SCOTT TRAVIS MUSIC VIDEO (LIVE) “Friends/Yarn” It’s a new week and we are giving you a brand new artist that is sure ...Read More

JOSH DORR – Rocket – Official Lyric Video

JOSH DORR IS ON A ROCKET HEADED STRAIGHT TO THE TOP So at this point you’ve all gotten the chance to see music video #1 on Josh Dorr, ...Read More

Josh Dorr – Studio Sessions: Save Your Breath

Shut the Front Dorr It’s a new week and we keep hittin’ you with our badass featured artists coming out of Class 8. Today we cou...Read More

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Paul McDonald Interview with NASHVILLE UNSIGNED

Chillin’ on the Red Couch, Hangin’ with Paul McDonald The Paul McDonald Interview It’s Monday, and it’s time to intr...Read More


RYAN SCOTT TRAVIS warms the Red Couch 3 Men, 1 Body, 1 Artist This weeks class 8 featured artist graces the Red Couch. Come get to know the ...Read More

Red Couch Interview with JOSH DORR

RED COUCH HANGIN’ WITH JOSH DORR It’s that time again! Our Red Couch Interview is up with our featured artist of the week, JOSH ...Read More

NASHVILLE UNSIGNED Interview – Kyle Reynolds

KYLE REYNOLDS HITS THE RED COUCH Getting to Know the Artist Behind the Music After lots of anticipation, we finally drop the interview with ...Read More


Jack Berry Graces The Red Couch As our week heats up with Jack Berry, we continue to hit you with more EXCLUSIVE content. Today we are honor...Read More